How Long Does It Take To Sell A House?

According to Zillow’s Consumer Housing Trends Report, it took an average of 6 months for home sellers to decide to list, and that doesn’t include the time spent making major repairs or updates. In 2018, the typical US home spent between 65 and 93 days on the market, from listing to closing. This means that homeowners waited an average of 40 days before accepting an offer.

Factors That Increase or Decrease Your Timeline

Every house, every market, and every homeowners’ sale will vary based on internal and external factors. Here are four of them you should consider when selling your home, especially if you need the money quickly. 

Choosing the Right Season

Depending on your state’s weather conditions, selling during winter is not advised. The curb appeal isn’t the best, moving is harder, as well as, doing renovations or repairs, and people are focused on the holiday season. 

The smartest decision is to sell during spring and summer, as many families want to move before the new school year begins. In fact, if you sell during the first half of May, you can sell six days faster than the average.

The Property’s Location

Location is one of the main factors that influence your home’s market value and how long it takes to sell. There will be more demand for a property that’s located in a desirable neighborhood near good schools, restaurants, or supermarkets, than for a property that’s located in a less convenient area.

Your Home’s Condition

First impressions are key if you want to sell your home in Milwaukee. How your home looks from the outside will make an impact — positive or negative — on potential buyers. Take a look at your house’s curb appeal and decide which improvements will enhance your property’s appearance.

Fix & Clean

It’s highly advised that you perform a home inspection to be aware of any serious issues or major reparations. Keep in mind that most buyers prefer to move in without having to make any changes. Also, remove any personal belongings, clean everything, and organize it properly, especially in key spaces.

The Three Alternatives for Selling Your House 

Typically, homeowners take into consideration two options when selling a property: hire a real estate agent or sell by themselves. But there’s a third option that’s changing how we do businesses. Let’s explore them and decide which is the best option for selling your house fast in Milwaukee.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) & Real Estate Agents

As mentioned before, several factors may determine how long it will take to sell your home. This depends on the type of real estate market you are competing in and how many people are listing their properties.

The market in Milwaukee is considered highly competitive, so if you want to sell your house fast, for sale by the owner isn’t a good approach.FSBO takes longer to sell, approximately 20% more time than selling with a real estate agent.

However, realtors have their own cons, such as higher commissions — up to 6% of the house’s price — closing fees, waiting times, and the high amount of showings. If you want to make more money off your sale, realtors are not your best option.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through all those trade-offs  with the latest trend of the real estate market. 

The Latest Trend: Home Buying Companies 

Home buying companies guarantee a quick and easy process without stress and uncertainty. They’re happy to buy your property, regardless of its condition. And the best of all is that they aren’t listing your home: they’re investors who will make you a fair all-cash offer.

Here are the three easy steps you follow when working with a home buyer:

Call or Submit Your Property’s Information

Visit their website and submit your property’s information through an online form or call them to set up a meeting. 

Meet The Home Buyers 

After receiving all the information needed, the company will analyze if your property meets their requirements. If it does, a company’s representative will visit your house.

Get Cash for Home in 7 Days 

Typically, home buyers send you a no-obligation offer within 24 hours, and they’re flexible to close at your schedule. Whether you need the cash immediately or prefer to think about it, they’re able to give you cash for your home in Milwaukee in just seven days. 

Your Sale Process Could Be Different With Us 

At Captain Save A Home, we buy houses in Milwaukee and ensure easy solutions for our customers. In 2019, the average amount of days to sell a home was 68 days. So, if you don’t want to wait that amount of time, or need to sell your house fast in Milwaukee, Captain Save a Home is your answer. 

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