How To Sell Your Damaged Milwaukee House

Keeping up with your house maintenance is like trying to keep up with technology; it’s a costly and challenging process. Getting in charge of all the costs of deterioration at your house is undoubtedly something to think about if you eventually want to sell it soon. 

It’s common for a house to get damaged over time. The older your house is, the more it will suffer from deterioration itself. According to Home Advisor’s 2018 True Cost Survey, American homeowners spent an average of $6,649 on home improvement and repairs. 

You can only hope that your budget doesn’t go much above expected. Still, most repairs are impossible to plan or forecast. Here are some of the most common home repairs and maintenance you need to consider before selling your house:

Foundation Repairs 

Foundation repair costs can go from as little as $400 to as much as $40,000. Since the foundation is the nucleus of a house, it’s evident that the repairs can be highly expensive when it’s a severe problem. 

Electrical Repairs

Today, people like to follow the trend of doing electrical repairs on their own after watching a five-minute tutorial on YouTube. Before this social media existed, people would have the initiative to deal with electricity issues to save a few bucks. 

The problem with doing so is that it increases the chances of having severe electrical issues in the future. The average cost for electrical repairs varies from $300 to $15,000. In the long run, that’s why it’s always recommended to hire a professional electrician. 

Roof Repair

Roof shingles are designed to last for an extended period. Still, weather can be a determinant factor in their life span. Harsh climatological conditions caused by storms or heavy rains can provoke leaks on your roof, and immediate repair is needed. The average amount of money you’ll be spending could go from $600 to $10,000.

Water Damage

Again, it might come from a leak or a completely damaged roof. Furthermore, water damage can become a major expense costing thousands of dollars. It can vary from $1,000 to $2,000. 

Pipes Repair or Replacement

You don’t have to wait for a home inspection to realize your pipes might need maintenance. It’s cheaper to repair them before waiting for a tube to burst. But even then, the costs depend on whether it’s a minor repair or a complete replacement of the system. Prices are anywhere from $600 to $2,500. 

A More Affordable Option

So you get it; making the necessary repairs and maintenance for having your house at optimal conditions before a sale is expensive. People mistakenly think there’s no way to sell a Milwaukee house if they don’t invest in repairs. But the truth is, home buying companies buy houses fast, regardless of their current conditions and how many repairs it needs. 

A home buying company doesn’t require the seller to invest in repairs and maintenance before making the sale. They buy your house just as-is. These types of companies take care of giving your home the appropriate conditions after they buy it. 

Home buyers are the only ones who are willing to buy your house no matter their condition. It would be impossible for you to list your house on the MLS or sell it to a potential buyer if it doesn’t pass inspection. 

Sell Your Damaged House To Captain Save A Home

Even if your house is in the lowest conditions, you can freely contact us, Captain Save A Home. Contact us to make an appointment, virtually or in-person. If it meets our buying criteria, we will visit your property at your preferred time. 

At Captain Save A Home, we can make you an offer right away, in just 24 hours before your form submission. However, you don’t have to feel pressured to accept our offer. We want you to take a look at your options. 

If you accept our offer, you can have your cash in as little as seven days, and we’ll close at a reputable title company. Forget about paying for those costly repairs, and get on with your new life. Your Milwaukee home will be lucky to fall under our possession.


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