How To Sell A Home Without A Real Estate Agent

There’s a question that always crosses a homeowner’s mind when listing a house: “Should I sell with or without a real estate agent?” Commonly, homeowners choose to sell with a real estate agent; but a realtor often charges up to 6% of the total house’s price. 

Therefore, eliminating an agent’s commission from your budget is a good idea, especially if you’re experiencing financial hardship. Usually, there are two ways to sell a property, by yourself or with a realtor. But, there is one more option that’s changing the market and how selling is made.

This alternative is home buying companies that pay cash for homes in Milwaukee. They don’t list your house, they buy it with their own financial resources. Let’s explore both for sale by owner and homebuyer’s selling procedure and learn how to sell without a real estate agent.

Should I Sell By Myself? It’s Not Impossible!

For sale by owner, known as FSBO, is becoming more common than ever before and it’s not impossible to achieve. However, you might make mistakes in the process, since you’re doing it all by yourself with no assistance. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selling your home yourself.

Do Research and Set a Realistic Price 

When selling by yourself, the first thing you should do is determine your home’s worth as-is. Some real estate industry websites provide automated evaluations that you could use as a starting point. It’s advised to ask for an appraisal and research recent comparable sales, sales patterns, and the real estate market in general. 

Get Your Home Ready for Showing 

You could make small updates like repainting your house’s walls in neutral colors and updating appliances. Also, declutter your home and complete any unfinished projects and major repairs. Also, remove personal items like family photos or toys, so potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living there. 

Market Your Property Online

There are plenty of For Sale By Owner websites to publish your property online. Typically, they charge a flat rate and any additional service you require. You could also try social media platforms like Facebook or Craigslist.

Give a Detailed Description of Your Property 

If you want to sell your property fast in Milwaukee, you must provide a detailed description of it. Include photos of the exterior and interior and basic information like price, location, number of rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and highlight any improvements.

Answer Any Inquiries & Negotiate 

Potential buyers have many questions about your property and you must be ready to answer, especially if the property requires major repairs. Keep in mind that customers call at any time of the day and schedule house visitations during weekends, since they probably have jobs and other duties.

You must be ready, get creative, and maybe even enroll in an online negotiation course to field their offers.

Home Buying Companies: A Fast & Easy Process

Home buying companies have become the homeowner’s favorite alternative. When you contact a home buyer, you don’t worry about major repairs that cost thousands of dollars because they buy houses no matter their condition. Overall, It’s an easy process without stress and uncertainty. 

Research Professional Home Buyers

Choosing the right home buyer is one of the most important decisions and you should look for reliable and professional experts like Captain Save a Home. Your goal is to find a company in Milwaukee that provides fair all-cash offers for your property and allows you to close the deal as quickly as possible. Research online and read the customer’s reviews. 

Get in Touch With Them 

After choosing the right company, you should take the first step and get in touch with them. Typically, you contact a home buying company through their website and fill out a quick survey. 

You have the option to call them and start the selling process this way. The homebuyer will request basic information about your property, and if it fits their requirements, they’ll schedule an appointment for a house visit. 

Schedule a Quick Home Visitation 

As mentioned above, if the home buyer is interested in your property, they’ll call you to schedule a house tour. During the visit, the company’s representative will ask general questions and be ready to answer them appropriately. You may receive a get-cash-for-home offer during the tour or after 24 hours. 

Close the Deal & Get Cash for Home

Homebuyers won’t split the payment over months and usually, you can close the deal in as little as seven days or on your own schedule. All the money will be given on the closing date, which you get to choose. With them, you get a complete offer for your house without deductions.

FSBO vs. Homebuyers: Which One Is Better?

If you’re thinking “I want to sell my house fast in Milwaukee,” a home buying company is the best option for you. The process is easier, faster, and simpler. You won’t deal with costly repairs, house visits, and annoying responsibilities. 

At Captain Save A Home we buy houses in as-is condition and provide you with cash for your home in less than seven days. Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.


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