Why Aren’t You Selling Your House Fast?

Usually, selling a house isn’t a one, two, three-step process. There are multiple factors to take into account that can accelerate or slow down your house’s sale. The average time a home is sold is around ten weeks. However, it can take much longer. 

Listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) alone can take approximately three months. Even when your home gets listed, it’s impossible to know when you’ll find a potential buyer that buys it. Therefore, it’s worrying to know that the selling process itself is complicated, let alone that you don’t know how fast you can sell it. 

Why Is The Traditional Home-Selling Process Slow? 

The traditional process of selling your house includes multiple legal steps that are time-consuming. Here are some of the main reasons a home takes a long time to sell. 

Contracts & Paperwork 

The average time for a listing to go live is around ten weeks. The elaboration and signing of a contract and paperwork can easily take a month as there might be disputes and negotiations that continuously lead to changes. Constant changes take more of your time and delay the process every type a negotiation falls through. 


When homeowners negotiate during the sale of their house, they tend to put their feelings in between. You can’t see your home as if it’s yours anymore. Instead, it would be best if you put yourself in the eyes of a prospective buyer. A potential buyer will never know how much your house means to you. Therefore, you have to keep it professional while negotiating. 

When homeowners fail to look at their house from the buyer perspective, they tend to overprice their homes most of the time. During a negotiation, you’ll always feel like you’re not getting a fair price. It’s better to keep in mind that both parties have to get away with a win-win situation, not just you, the seller. 

Hiring A Real Estate Agency

Yes, a realtor or a real estate agency might help you set the most competitive price for your house in the market. They’re also helpful with the entire legal process and guide you throughout the selling process as a whole. However, they increase your expenses and the timeline in which you can sell your house. 

When you hire a realtor, you’re the one in charge of dealing with the paperwork, fees, and commissions. Not only will you invest more of your savings, but it’ll still take an incredible amount of time to sell your house. 

What You Need to Do is to Contact A Home Buying Company

Approximately 25 percent of house sales in the US fall through, delaying the process and extending the length of your sale. It’s fair to say that there’s only one solution for a successful and fast home sale, home buying companies. 

A home buying company cuts all the intermediary processes that make a house sale slow and tedious. These type of real estate companies act directly as the buyer and offers cash for houses in Milwaukee. The process is simple:

  1. Tell them about any property you’re interested in selling. 
  2. When it meets their buying criteria, they’ll contact you and quickly set up an appointment.
  3. They’ll present you with a fair written no-obligation offer. 
  4. They’ll use the services of a local reputable title company to save you money from closing fees and time from the closing process.
  5. If you accept their offer, they’ll give you cash in as little as ten days.

Not using a home buying company is by far the biggest reason why you’re not selling your house faster. When you opt to sell your home using a traditional method, you need to prepare to invest a fair amount of money financially. Taking advantage of their services allows you to get cash fast for your property and saves you time and money. 

Captain Save A Home Is Here To Help

Stop waiting for your house to sell on its own; it won’t. Captain Save A Home offers cash for houses in Milwaukee. We’re your best option if you want to sell your house fast and at a fair price. Feel free to contact us and get a no-obligation cash offer in just 24 hours. 


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