Learn How To Sell Your House Fast In Milwaukee

Selling your house can be a difficult challenge, primarily when you use a real estate agent. It will often take time and money to sell traditionally. Captain Save A Home has a quicker solution. We will take care of all your real estate problems by buying your home quickly. Once we get all your information, we can make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours.

We will buy your house no matter the condition. The majority of the time, repairing your home before selling it can cost you a lot of extra expenses, and we help you avoid that. With us, you don’t need to complete any repairs or clean out your home. We will take care of it all, and we will prevent that stressful period. 

At Captain Save A Home, we have designed a simple method for selling your home in a short period without wasting any extra money. A fixed-up home can be more appealing to buyers, but homebuyers don’t look for perfect houses. We will buy your house exactly as it is, giving you cash in hand and freeing up your time and money to spend on more important things. Sell your home in less than ten days.




Are You Facing One Or More Of The Following Situations?

There many reasons to sell your property in Milwaukee, including:

  • You’re trying to avoid foreclosure
  • You’re going through a divorce
  • Your house needs a lot of repairs
  • You don’t want to invest money in something that you’re about to sell
  • You’re dealing with frustrating tenants in a rental
  • You’re behind on mortgage payments
  • And many more

Whatever the reason, Captain Save a Home is here to help you. We buy houses in Milwaukee, assisting homeowners in getting out of whatever situation they’re dealing with efficiently and quickly. We offer the best solution to your problems.


Compare: Selling To Captain Save A Home Vs. Listing With A Local Agent

There are a lot of differences when you list your home with a local agent versus selling it with us. Compare to see that home buyer are your best choice.

  • If you sell with an agent, you will have to pay 6% commission — with us, none
  • With an agent you will have to pay 2% closing date — with us, you will keep the entire amount
  • 15% of sales fall through — we make firm offers and let you decide
  • You will need to take care of the appraisal — with us, we will take care of it after you have your cash
  • You will need to worry about the long showing process — with us, show us your home once, and you’re done 
  • Closing date with an agent takes up to 60-90 days — with us, you can close on the date of your choice, in as little as a week